Handmade Soap With Soul

Handcrafted in the forests of Knysna ♥

Welcome! Handmade soaps and detergents are my passion here at Nourish Soaps.  Since 2012 I have been crafting soaps and shampoo bars using the traditional hot-process method.   My soaps and household detergents are handmade from scratch using simple, wholesome ingredients that are good for your skin.  This makes them a healthy choice for your entire family (and your pets too)  Why not do yourself a favour and try going ‘au naturel’ in the soap department?
A second facet of my business is product manufacturing for businesses who are looking to sell handcrafted, natural products.  In a workshop in the Knysna forest, I create customized products for your business and am always looking for the challenge of creating something new.  Come and chat with me about what the vision for your product is and lets weave some magic!

Questions? Call Pauline on (27) 79 667 3038

Creamy, Fluffy, Longlasting Lather


Natural Additives and Colourants

shampoo bar nourish soaps

Deeply Nourishes Dry and Flaky Skin!

farmhouse soap nourish soaps

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♥ My entire range is 100% Vegetarian (mostly Vegan) & Cruelty Free ♥

What my Customers Have to Say

I have the Orange Blossom in the kitchen, the Sandalwood Scrub by the bath and the Afrodesia in my clothes cupboard, and the Shampoo Bar in the bathroom. There’s a beautiful subtle smell in our room.
Thanks for a top quality product that is part of my everyday enjoyment!
Juliet Perkin
The soaps are creamy, and smell divine. They don’t dry out your skin.
It really feels as if you’re nurturing yourself by using it. Love, love, love.
Christel Riley Halse
I bought a Lucky Dog shampoo bar at the market on Saturday.  I washed my Yorkies with it this weekend and am so pleased with the results!
Their fur is soft, they smell good and not a flea in sight.  I will definitely be buying again.
Pam Davis
Pauline’s passion for creating incredible products is immediately noticeable in every bar of soap!
Using all natural products which are non harmful to the skin, her soaps and shampoo bars smell amazing and you can rest at ease that there are no nasty ingredients in her products! I can’t get enough!
Shirley Erasmus