Handmade Soap With Soul

Crafted for you in the Knysna Forest


Natural Ingredients

Made with coconut oil, plant butters and lots of love!

Made Locally

Crafted for you in my stunning forest workshop.

Customized Products

Why not add a custom label promoting your own business!

These soaps are amazing… They smell like pure joy!!

Duhne Liebenberg

Manager, Namo Natural Health

Soaps That Nourish Your Skin..

Made with ingredients you can pronounce!

I have been passionate about soap making since 2011 and have spent many years perfecting Nourish Natural Soaps, my signature range.  My soaps are made with the finest ingredients and crafted with much love and attention in my forest workshop.  I do a variety of different soaps for various purposes

Shampoo Bars – Body Soaps – Laundry Soaps – Guest Soaps – Pet Shampoo Soaps

My soap range is available for your shop or outlet or alternatively to sell from home as an agent.  I supply custom labels for your business if you would like a more personal touch to the range.

The liquid shampoo has been tried and tested!  Its fabulous and very economical as you just need a drop.

Michelle Legg

Manager, Fern Gully Forest Cabins

Rich and Nourishing Liquid Soaps and Body Butters

ONLY Available in Bulk!

Are you looking for an economical and eco friendly way to sell a product? My new range, available only on order, can help you minimize or re-use your packaging.  All the products are made with great care and from high quality ingredients.  No animal products are used and all of these items are biodegradable.

Liquid Soaps for Body – Castile Soap for Cleaning House – Shampoo – Body Butter – Lotion

Please contact me for your orders and expect a 1-2 week waiting period while your yummy soaps or body butters are being made.

Shops Currently Stocking Nourish Natural Soaps