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Nourish Soaps at Knysna Organic Market

Knysna residents can expect to see this sign going up in the next week or two.  The Knysna Organic Market on Waterfront Drive has offered me a permanent spot for my soaps as they are busy opening a small ‘health shop’ outlet in the market area. I will be sharing the space with 2 other […]

Why Exfoliating is Good for your Skin

Healthy skin doesn’t have to come from an expensive medical process. In fact, simply adding an exfoliating product to your skin care routine can bring an end to dull, flaky skin and help you put your best face forward. Exfoliating removes dead cells from the uppermost layer of skin to reveal the fresher, younger skin […]

Salt Bar With Every Online Order!

There is a new soap in the Nourish family of goodies! Nourish SPA Bar is the new addition to the existing range and it is made with 50% sea salt added into the soap ‘batter’. What is Sea Salt Soap?  Well… sea salt soaps are very hard, hard as a rock actually.  You’d think that […]