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Natural and Handmade

Products that Nourish Your Body.. Full Stop.

The Alchemist

What makes a product wonderful? Its maker of course!  Making natural soaps has been my passion since 2011.

Hello! I am Pauline, your local soap alchemist.  Over the years my interest has branched out into many other products that encourage body wellness.  All my ranges are made with great enjoyment and infused with the joy of it all!  Welcome to Nourish Natural Soaps…

Beautiful Handmade Products

Divine Soaps

I have been passionate about soap making since 2011 and have spent many years perfecting Nourish Natural Soaps, my signature range.  My soaps are handmade in small batches with an array of fair trade butters and vegetable oils.  Teas, juices and clays are used to colour them with and each soap is unique.

Popular Products

The favourites that my customers just come back for time and time again…


Black Magic

Shampoo Bar


Blog Posts

I squeeze in an article or two when I get a breather from soap making!