5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

You have been buying my soaps for some time now, enjoying the products and the fact that they are handmade. You enjoy supporting your local soap alchemist, the person who puts so much love and enthusiasm into the soap making process. But who is she? Where did she come from? Do you actually know her backstory other than the fact that she makes soap now?

Well guess what peeps…you probably need a bit of a bigger picture as to who I am so you can form a better picture in your head the next time you buy a bar of soap from me. Without further ado, here are five things you probably didn’t know about me!

Pauline making soap

I was born in Algeria

Yep, that’s right! About 50 ago, my parents jumped on their bicycles and cycled/ferried from Holland to Algeria to start work for an international organization. I was born in Algiers and lived there for 2 years of my young life. We would go on to move to various African and Asian countries in the years to come before all settling on one property in the Western Cape.

cycling through sand

I Crossed the Atlantic in a Yacht

Many moons ago, when I first moved to South Africa, I met and married my late husband Mark. He lived on a 45 foot yacht and we were young and excited to experience some adventure. So in January 2000, we lifted anchor and sailed to the Caribbean. I had no clue about sailing but learned along the way and we loved the free and adventurous lifestyle! All in all, we cruised for 2 years before returning home. The cruising life was amazing and we created some amazing memories along the way..

Before Soaps I Sold Baby Slings!

Pauline with Mighty Mama baby sling

Julia was born in 2005 and took up a lot of my focus in those early years. As soon as my intensive mothering days started being more manageable however, I started looking for a business to start from home.

I had been making extensive use of a baby sling that was gifted to me by my sister and decided to use this as a springboard to create my own range of baby slings and baby wear. Mighty Mama was born!

I Love to Sing!

I’ve always known that, had the opportunity arisen for me to sing professionally, I would have jumped at the chance! I grew up singing/acting in musicals and participating in choir productions in my high school and college days. There was never a way to take it more seriously than just singing for enjoyment and I lost touch with singing for many years. Several years ago I took on a singing tutor and I delved into polishing my talent. I sang at some nursing homes and performed for friends. It was such fun! This passion of mine is definitely one that is currently hibernating until the time is right to dust it off and get back into it!

After Travelling the Globe, My Entire Family Now Lives on One Property..

My dad worked for an international organization so for most of my younger years we moved from country to country. Algeria, Tanzania, Mauritania, Nepal, USA, Ireland are some of the countries I grew up in. Eventually, due to various circumstances we all settled on a 5 ha property just outside of Knysna where we are still happily thriving!

So there you have it! Do you feel like you know me a little better now? It was so fun to share some more in depth info about me and my life thus far. I wish you a beautiful day further and look forward to connecting again soonest either online or through another blog post..

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