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8 Uses for Washing Soda

It wasn’t until I discovered washing soda that I felt I could clean everything in the house using less toxic ingredients. Alongside Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda, this natural chemical is the perfect addition to my natural cleaners. I have memories of my grandmother...

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How is Soap Made

ALL ABOUT SOAP How is Soap Made?  One Word: Saponification   Pauline Susman, Soap Alchemist Extraordinaire 22 March 2016 How is soap made... Its funny, most of us have been using soap since birth yet very few of us have even thought of this before now. Here is a...

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Wonder Oil

Transcending age, race, and gender, the product that everyone is vouching for these days is castor oil. This inexpensive at-home beauty treatment can be found at your local supermarket or chemist.

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Lucky Dog Shampoo Dissected

I bought a Lucky Dog shampoo bar at the market on Saturday. I washed my Yorkies with it this weekend and am so pleased with the results! Their fur is soft, they smell good and not a flea in sight. I will definitely be buying again.

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