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Spa Face Wash

Cucumber and Grapefruit



Face Wash soap is a new one in my product line and people are giving it great reviews!  This chunky bar is made with about 80% added sea salt.  Sea salt is growing in popularity not just on the dining room table, but in skin products as well. It is found in a variety of different forms and used in bath salts, soaps and exfoliating scrubs.

salt bar nourish soaps

Sea salt soap lasts twice as long as regular soap bars in the shower because of the density and mineral content. The bars also weigh up to 25% more than a like-sized bar.  If you haven’t tried this soap, you are in for a treat.  In soap, the salt makes a rock hard bar that ends up as smooth as a stone with a lotion like lather.  The user will not only get the benefits of the sea salt, but will see more complete benefits from the lotion – such as moisturizing.  Sea salts also draw toxins out of the body, which will naturally lead to feeling refreshed, and the added cucumber and grapefruit fragrance makes you feel revived and ready to start the day.

This particular soap has added benefits of being a fabulous facial soap. You can use it directly on your face for a lovely, refreshing and toning skin treatment.  Sea salt is also a natural antiseptic so for any cuts and grazes, use your salt bar.  This quality also makes it a useful shaving bar as it will disinfect those nicks and cuts as you shave.

Pop into the market or order directly from me for a sublime sea salt experience!


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Weight 135 g
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 6 cm


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