Selling Soap From Home

Have you considered selling soaps from home?  Nourish Natural Soaps has a range of yummy products that your customers, friends and family will love.

Think about these questions;

Do you use environmentally friendly products in your household to benefit you and your loved ones?

Are you keen to earn extra income by selling natural, handcrafted products to your friends, family and social network?

Woman holding soap

If your answer is yes, then there is a great chance you would do very well in selling handmade products from home.  Lucky for you, selling soap from the comfort of your home is not difficult and can be financially rewarding.

As it turns out, we could all do with some extra cash from time to time.  What better way could there be than to earn it while you do something you really enjoy? 

Selling a variety of handmade soaps, shampoos and moisturizers can be rewarding and enjoyable and you don’t have to have a big organization to do it.  

The products in the Nourish Soaps range also have that magic ingredient most desired when selling something…. they are consumables! The advantage of this is that you can organize exactly the same group of friends 3 months later and re-sell all over again.  People use soap every day!

So How Does It Work?!

What Are Your Costs?

In order to start selling soap from home, you should have a small stock of goods to show your customers. In common with most other sales plans you can buy these items directly from me at the wholesale discounted rate. 

Becoming a re-seller requires minimal investment in your new business venture. Once you have purchased your Nourish Natural Soap products  (don’t forget I have a skincare range as well!) you are ready to sell your products at the full price.  The profit is all yours! 

In order to get started on your reseller journey, please create an account by clicking the button below.  I will confirm your registration and set your status as a ‘re-seller’ in my system.  This allows you to get discounts up to 45% based on a sliding scale.

Re-seller discounts get applied on a sliding scale..

woman selling soap

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Recommend a friend to join our Nourish Natural Soap Re-seller team and as an existing agent you get paid R 100 in vouchers when this person buys a Nourish Soap pack. This gives you R 100 worth of free products either for your family to use or to re-sell with 100% profit.

  • If you decide to continue to work as a Nourish Natural Soap Re-seller you may purchase any quantity of products at the agent price at any time.  However in order to maintain  your re-seller status you will need to place an order through my website every 8 weeks. This is to ensure that you are actively selling your soaps and being a happening Nourish Soaps Re-Seller!

That is all there is to it.  Easy!  Selling products from home is a fun and rewarding sideline that is easy to set up and maintain.  Besides which, you will now have affordable handmade body products to use for yourself and your family as well!  

There are many ways to start selling and no limitations. How much time and effort you put in depends on you. Here are some ideas:

Tips on Selling From Home

  • Promote the products on your face-book and sell to friends. 

  • Network among your colleagues, at baby clinics, moms groups, church, school, your workplace

  •  Set up a table at local markets.

  • Get your family and friends involved in spreading the word about your new business venture.

  • Start a whatsapp group on which you can regularly contact your customers about their orders.

  • Place a small advert in your local paper.

  • Invite moms for a coffee morning at your home and allow them to sample the products before buying.

In no time you will build your network and start to see that network grow. Quality products are remembered and appreciated beyond all other mediocre products and once they’ve used the soap, your customers will be back to order more!  Then they will tell their friends and acquaintances and your network of potential customers will grow and grow!


Benefits of Selling Soap From Home

Why Sell Soap From Home?

Low start-up costs - Low overheads - Leveraging work time - Income boost as a secondary flexible income - No employees - No red tape or tax returns - Enjoy using the soap yourself at a discounted rate!
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