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Are Lavender and Rose just two of your all time favourite fragrances?? Maybe its time to subtly suggest to your nearest and dearest that you would just loooooove this gift set from Nourish! Three lovely bars of Pink Orchid soap make up the bulk of this lovely set.  Pink Orchid has the sweet blend of rose and lavender to enhance its beautiful pink exterior. I always add pink kaolin clay to the finished product to add some detoxing and mild slip. Why I love Pink Orchid..
  • Its amazing and delicate scent!
  • It gentleness on my skin
  • The many benefits of kaolin clay for detoxing my skin
  • The way it perfumes any drawer or bathroom it finds itself in!
Alongside creamy and nourishing Pink Orchid soap, I have added two 10 ml bottles of ... you guessed it... Rose and Lavender Essential oil.  Both of these are amazing to use for face and body and release that intoxicating scent when added to a burner.  On top of that they come packaged in a cheerful giftbag at an awesome price!!  What's not to love?!  
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