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Natural, vegan, handmade soaps crafted especially for you...

Your skin will notice the difference! 


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Fresh Face Moisturizer

Green tea, jojoba oil, shea butter with a smidge of rose essential oil make this a delight!


R 120.00

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Detoxing Toothpowder

Handmade with spices, herbs, clays and tissue salts.  This is oral care as you've never experienced.


R 120.00

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Black Magic

Rich lather, deeply moisturizing and beautifully detoxing.  This is my most popular product to date!


R 56.00

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Why opt for my natural soap?
  • All of my Vegan, Cruelty-Free products include 100% biodegradable formulations and recyclable packaging. 

  • I use only pure, natural oils and steer away from preservatives and chemicals that are harsh on skin. 

  • I personally handcraft and package each and every product on my site.

  • My products are made with love and attention and that is evident each time you use them!

  • 5% of each soap is trimmed off in the manufacturing process.  Buckets of these soap shavings are passed on to a local community initiative allowing you to share the love with every purchase you make.

  • My Ethos? Keeping it pure and simple and local is the way to go.


Want to carry my handmade range in your shop?  

Do you love to make your own products?  Check out the 'LEARN' page for recipes and ideas and buy your ingredients directly from my shop!

"I absolutely love Nourish Natural Soap...we only use this soap in our home, it's great to place in drawers among clothes so that they smell nice and make great gifts!"

--- Linda Wambach



Farm Westford 191/5

Rheenendal Road, Knysna 

Western Cape, South Africa

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