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Make dry, itchy skin vanish this Autumn
(It's not just soap, its the perfect moisturizer)

Enjoy Up To 50% OFF Selected Soaps for 48 Hours ONLY

100 % Fresh and Natural


  • Made with organic coconut oil and vegan butters

  • No animal fats used

  • Free from chemicals and SLS

  • Packaged in FSC approved biodegradable boxes

  • Cruelty Free and made entirely by hand


" Nourish natural soap and skincare is the best I have ever used. My skin feels silky soft, nourished and fresh. I love that the ingredients are natural and chemical free, and the bonus is the fragrance, just heavenly. A proudly South African skincare range made with so much love and care. Treat yourself and your skin! "

Invest in your skin, its going to represent you for a very long time!


Not sure how to order online?  Send me a message with your order and I will arrange it for you!

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