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Welcome to your happy place!


Explore your creative potential by joining one of my workshops! 

Have you always wanted to have a space to make candles or soap? Are you interested in learning how to make soap so you can start your own business?  Welcome to Nourish Creative - a space to explore your creative side!  I am thrilled to have you here and am excited to embark on a creative journey together. Get ready to unleash your imagination as we dive into the art of soap, candle, moisturizer, perfume and balm making!

woman cutting soap


My name is Pauline and I have been on my own creative journey since 2011 when I breathed life into my soap making business Nourish Natural Soaps.

I grew Nourish while homeschooling my daughter and doing markets and did it all with a huge passion and sense of enjoyment.


In the years since then I taught myself how to make moisturizers, balms, perfumes and candles.  I craft all of these from my beautiful forest workshop that is slowly being turned into a crafter's hub.  I would love to welcome you into my space and guide you to making your own creations.


I will take care of everything,

just relax and enjoy!


Always a cozy space where you can

let your creativity fly!


Whether you are a beginner or more

proficient, I will hold space for you!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”
– Albert Einstein

sketch drawing of a woman's head

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