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Homemade Orange Power Cleaner

Including an easy peasy recipe!

Last year I tried my hand at making some innovative products I hadn’t tried before.  One of them was the orange power cleaner.

Orange Power Cleaner, is basically a concoction of white vinegar and orange peels. Can it be any more ridiculously simple?!?!

Basic household staples like baking soda, lemons and vinegar have long been used for a range of house cleaning purposes.  They offer convenient ways to scour, remove stains, soften laundry and so on.  What’s more, they do this without you needing to revert to the use of harsh chemicals.

For some people, however, the potent smell of vinegar is off-putting.  All-natural and boutique products often rely on essential oils to make things smell good, and it occurred to me years ago that the natural oils in citrus peels might accomplish the same goal

So…I bought a bag of oranges and a 5 L bottle of white vinegar and gave it a try.  I let mine sit on my fence in the sun (see pic) for about 2 weeks, at the end of which I was pleasantly surprised by this divinely FRESH orange scented vinegar.

Who knew?!!!!

Give it a try if you have the time, you will not be disappointed..



homemade orange power cleaner recipe

Make Your Own Orange Power Cleaner:

Step 1: Save your orange peels and pith (that white part most kids pick off) in a mason jar.

Step 2: Cover the peels with undiluted white vinegar. (Why do they call it white? It’s clear!)

Step 3: Cover and label with “Do not eat!” (That last part may only be necessary in my house.)

Step 4: After two-ish weeks, strain out the peels and store the now-orange vinegar in a mason jar or other container.

Step 5: To clean with the vinegar, use it full strength or dilute it with water, either 50/50 or one part vinegar to three parts water in a spray bottle. The concentration depends on your intended use.

I plan to make a supply during the winter months when citrus fruits are generally on sale