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F.A.Q. About Nourish Soaps

Some common questions about Nourish Soaps..

Regarding the Soap

How do I know which soap is best for me?

With so many scents and fragrances, how do I pick the right one?!?!  Well, one way to do it is to randomly pick a colour or fragrance that appeals to you.  If you like to make a more informed decision perhaps this table will help.


Orange Blossom, Fresh, Zesty


Pink Orchid, Baby and Me


Spicy, Black Magic


Afrodesia, Liquid Amber, Sandalwood Scrub

All of my soaps are gentle on skin although if you want a completely hypoallergenic one, I would recommend PURE. It has no added fragrances or colours, just pure soap.  I also sell  boxes of 10 guest sized (20 gram) soaps; one of each fragrance that I currently make my big bars in.  That way you can test each one before purchasing the bigger bars.

Do you use lye in your soaps?

If you are asking the FAQ “do you use lye (sodium hydroxide) in your soap?”  The answer is…OF COURSE!  No lye…no soap.  All real soap is made with lye.  Any soap or shampoo not made without sodium hydroxide is a detergent, not a soap.

If, however, you are asking the question “Is there lye in a bar of Nourish soap or shampoo?.” The answer is NO.  Once the process of saponification is complete, the lye and oil molecules have combined and chemically changed into soap and glycerin.  The ‘hot process’ method of soap making that I use, ensures that the lye is cooked out and the finished bar is PH neutral.


Do your soaps contain Palm oil?

When I started making soap, I used recipes found online – many of which use palm oil.  At the end of 2012, I made the decision that I did not want to support the atrocities caused by the palm oil industry any longer.  I recreated my soap recipe to exclude palm oil altogether and this is the soap I sell today.  NO PALM OIL!

Is your soap glycerin soap?

Nourish soap is made the old-fashioned way from scratch.  I use excellent ingredients like coconut and other vegetable oils, shea and cocoa butter, herbs, plant essential oils and quality fragrances.  And yes, it does contain glycerin, because whenever you make soap, glycerin is produced as a natural by-product of the chemical reaction between oils and lye.

What most people call ‘glycerin soap’ is actually a prepared detergent or soap base clarified with alcohol and sugar.  That kind of soap is known as ‘melt and pour’ soap because the artisan can melt it, scent it and pour it into moulds.

Is your soap organic?

No, if I used exclusively organic oils, I would not be able to price my products the way I do.

I use organic herbs and veggies, organic cocoa butter and other select organic ingredients for particular products.  All of my soaps are mad with quality food-grade oils and are crafted through a genuine made-from-scratch, traditional, hot process method.



How will my soaps be sent?

After your soap has been ordered, I package it securely and it is sent off with either the postal service or the Courier Guys.

Can you deliver my soaps if I am local?

If you live in Knysna and would like me to drop the soap off somewhere in town for you, that is not a problem.

I can also meet you at a designated spot in town on one of our town days.

Please contact me on whatsapp 079 667 3038 to arrange.

Can I come pick up my order?

That is not a problem, please contact me beforehand to arrange a suitable time.

044 3884664 / 079 667 3038


Can you ship internationally?

I certainly can.

If you need to have your soaps shipped internationally, I can find prices for you from Fed Ex or Barco and we will work out what is most cost efficient.

I am not set up for wholesale order shipments yet.


How do I become a Wholesaler?

If you would like to be a Nourish Soaps outlet or agent, you can contact me directly for an order form.

Your initial order will need to be a minimum of 30 soaps.  Thereafter please make the minimum amount 50 and for orders over  R 1700.00 I will pay the courier fee.