5 Reasons YOU NEED To Be Making Your OWN Products!

Updated: Apr 13

Are you tired of spending all your bucks on products that are filled with ingredients you can't pronounce?

If you haven't already hopped on the DIY train during lockdown then it's about time you buy your ticket, and hopefully these 5 reasons will get you putting on your apron and rolling up your sleeves to make some gorgeous home products!

You Get To Decide What Goes In - And What Stays OUT!

Making your own products at home means you have total control over the ingredients you put into your products. No more gibberish on the back of your deodorant bottle, no more synthetic perfumes and harsh chemicals - it's better for you, the planet, and your bank account!

Which brings us to the next reason you totally need to start making your products.

Save Some Bucks!

It's true that personal care and even household products can rack up large price tags, especially if you're trying to buy more ethically produced products which aren't that easy to come by. Making your own products is very cost effective because you don't have to pay the additional costs of the production, packaging and transport of the product - it's all being made by you in the comfort of your home! Besides, a variety of natural products can be made from a few simple ingredients you may have available in your kitchen pantry!

Let's Give Back to the Planet & the People

Looking after our beautiful Earth is something we should all be doing every day in as many ways as possible and by looking after ourselves we can look after the planet and vice versa. Making your own products not only means no harsh chemicals, but it also means less packaging, less destructive extraction of various ingredients, no more unjust labour practices or animal cruelty - its a win win situation all round!

Personalised and Customised Especially For YOU!

You know yourself best so it only makes sense to make your own products that you can create exactly to your liking. Add your own fragrances, oils, butters and add personal touches like dried flower petals, different clays or natural dyes to add colour or things like oats or salt to add a bit of scrub. Bottle it up into pretty glass jars or containers, add a bow and write yourself a special note so that whenever you use your product you'll be reminded of the love and care you put into it just for you!

Its FUN!

I mean this has to be the biggest perk of all! Who doesn't like having fun? And if that means making your own natural products, saving money, helping the planet and pampering yourself at the same time then I don't know what could be better! Pour yourself a tequila shot or a glass of wine, turn up the tunes, melt down some cocoa butter, add a dollop of coconut oil, a few drops of essential oil, any personal touches you like and watch your products come to life - shot glass in hand!

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