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Don’t Buy Fabric Softener, Make Your OWN!

Fabric Softener is the one household product that has eluded me as far as making my own!  So this year, I thought I would give it a go…

Making your own house hold products is such a rewarding process! I have covered various other cleaners and personal care products in other blog posts but have yet to cover the one we do daily.. Laundry! For the last few weeks, I have been using soap shavings with water to make a beautiful laundry gel (more on that in another post) but would like to focus specifically on laundry softener in this article. I want to make my own fabric softener because, like so many other mass produced products, what seems like a harmless product actually contains some pretty nasty stuff. Experts explain that commercial softeners cause allergies and, taking into consideration their high content of chemicals, they are actually not that health-friendly. “If you cannot put it in your mouth, do not put it on your skin either” is an old saying, and you may want to think about it the next time you decide to buy a softener. Fabric softeners contain chemicals that impregnate fabrics and can be released over time and absorbed into your skin or inhaled. Fortunately making your own is not that difficult and easy to do with some basic ingredients. But because we are all different, I thought to add a few variations so you can see what works for YOU!

fabric softener

Softener # 1


10g baking soda

150-200 ml hot water

800 ml apple cider vinegar

20 drops essential oil


You need a big plastic container (3-5 L), because of the bubbling reaction between the vinegar and baking soda. Combine water, baking soda and apple cider vinegar together. The ingredients will cause a chemical reaction, releasing bubbles all over the place, but will eventually calm down.

Add essential oil of your choice, close and shake well.

Once the liquid “settles,” pour it into your softener tank, and make sure you use a jar, as it works best.

fabric softener

Softener # 2


2 cups hair conditioner

3 cups white vinegar