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Shea Butter; Reasons to Love it!

Updated: Apr 28

Is your skin feeling dry and parched? Is it calling out for moisture but regular creams are just not doing the trick? 

What if I told you there is a natural butter that is gonna solve all your dry skin problems! Shea Butter is one of the most nourishing and moisturizing natural products on the market.

My dry winter skin has been drinking in its moisturizing properties all season as I have been slathering on this buttery oil after every shower. As a result my skin has never felt so good. Cracked heels and lips are a thing of the past!! I would love to share some of the benefits of Shea butter that I’ve come across.

What is the origin of Shea Butter?

It may seem that Shea Butter is all the rage these days.  However, the rich history of Shea butter spans centuries.

Did you know…During Cleopatra’s reign in Egypt she kept the oil stored in large clay jars.  She used this amazing butter in a multitude of ways every day.  This tradition carries on into modern day Africa.

Also known as Women’s Gold, this rich butter is an ingrained part of African society. For instance, slathering Shea Butter on a baby directly after birth is a west African tradition. This protects the newborn’s delicate skin from the harsh sun.  Similarly upon marriage, the bride brings Shea butter with her.  This is to show that she can provide for her new household. Anointing a body with Shea butter before a burial ensures safe passage to the next world. All these rituals use rich, creamy and healing Shea butter.

Empowering Women

Creating the butter you see and use is a lot of work!

The Shea tree plays a pivotal role in the lives of many women across Africa.  It is also known as ‘women’s gold’ for honoring the important part it plays in a woman’s life. Women collect Shea nuts and women cook the nuts. Women also produce the butter and sell it at market.  In a world for women where access rights and control over resources is complex – and rare – the customary practices around this tree are extraordinary!

Today, this amazing butter is the featured ingredient in beauty products on seemingly every shelf.  However it takes a lot of effort and labour to get it there!  Processing the Shea butter and selling it to international markets has allowed Women