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Scrub-a-dub natural soap is a treat for you or your partner!  This soap is very popular and there is a large demand for it among my retail customers. Why, you may ask..  Well, as it turns out, this beautiful bar is filled with delicious skin benefits as well as an amazing earthy fragrance.


In addition, the blend of essential oils makes this a soap that smells so good you want to

take a bite!


Some of the reasons why I truly love Scrub-a-dub natural soap are:

  • Added Bentonite clay, well known for its anti-oxidant and toxin removal properties
  • Oatmeal for its skin softening and mild exfoliating qualities
  • Orange essential oil helps with uplifting the spirit, provides a calming effect on the body, and brings happiness and peace to the mind
  • Amazing vanilla essential oil - so beneficial for skin in many ways!
  • The anti-aging effects of cinnamon essential oil


I create Scrub-a-dub natural soap for you with love and attention.  I do this in my forest workshop where I personally process and package each and every bar.  The yummy scrub factor in this soap is one of the reasons it is hugely popular and sought after.  I believe it is one you will come back to, time and time again!


R65,00 Regular Price
R45,50Sale Price
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