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decadent  body soap

Handcrafted soap made using the traditional hot process method, these chunky bars are long lasting and have a rich lather.

Facial Cream
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Face cream

Rich and creamy moisturizer made with divine ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and rooibos and green tea extracts.  I get so much wonderful feedback from these two products and will be adding more to this range soon!

Beautiful Body 

Handcrafted soap Dishes

The perfect addition to your soap order, these ceramic soap dishes are handcrafted by a local Knysna potter.  Browse through the stunning collection of designs or get one free when you buy 6 soaps.

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Delicious  Ingredients

Why not craft your own?!  Become self sustainable by creating your own household cleaners, healthy food options and medicinal balms.  All the ingredients you need are right here!

Want to learn how to make your own products for home use? 

Check out my LEARN page..

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