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Why We Love Shampoo Bars!

Updated: Apr 28

two bars of soap surrounded by flowers

In my soap-making journey over the past 10-odd years, I have seen the amazing comeback of shampoo bars.  I say ‘comeback’ because, let’s face it, about 60 or so years ago most of our products were a lot more likely to be handcrafted.

As far as today goes, personal products are available in excess.  The simplicity of one product for various uses has all but vanished. There is a shampoo with aloe vera and one with rich shea butter.  Then there is yet another with who knows which fancy extract. We are bombarded with many variations on the same theme, each promising to be better than the next.

Part of my business ethos is simplicity. This led me to introduce a shampoo bar as one of my first products ever.  This was in 2011, well before the average Joe had even HEARD of a shampoo bar.  Things were quite different when I was still doing markets many moons ago. I would need to explain in minute detail HOW in the world you could wash your hair with a soap bar?!?!?! Customers were mystified!! It seems that we have moved out of those dark times and into awareness of late.  These days no more explanation is needed when I mention I sell Shampoo bars. 

woman washing hair

Shampoo Bars - What's the big deal?

Bar shampoo is essentially the same as liquid shampoo, except that it’s packed into a bar form (that sounds kinda obvious but it's still worth pointing out..)

These hair-formulated bars were actually the standard before bottled shampoos became popular in the 1940s. Before all the 101 variants on a simple hair cleaning solution had sprung up!

Shampoo bars are designed to eliminate dirt and product build-up, leaving you with shiny, clean hair. These solid bars of shampoo are formulated for all hair types. High-quality ones should work just as effectively as shampoo bottle varieties.

The benefits of a shampoo bar are numerous…so let's dissect why we love these little soaps so much.

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