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Soap Box

A Monthly Soap Subscription

Love my soaps but keep forgetting to order when you run out?


Now you can sign up for a monthly subscription of up to 4 soaps and/or shampoo bars at a time!  I will hand pick my favorite soap(s) of the month, pack them in our branded eco-friendly packaging and ship directly to your doorstep.

The Soap Subscription Box includes 2, 3 or 4 full size bars of my most popular bars as well as the newest soaps currently available, plus a surprise product!


Shipping is included in the price of your monthly subscription.

Save big when you subscribe!!  You can save up to 40% on each bar of soap by taking out a monthly subscription!  What a deal!

My monthly Soap Box Subscriptions also make a unique gift for family, friends, school teacher, housewarming gifts, wedding party gifts, and co-workers!  It’s easy to share a subscription, and have it shipped right to their door! 


So check out the pricing plans below and give it a try.  Cancel your subscription any time!

Packaged Soap

Choose your box..

Please note these payments are through Paypal.  If you prefer a direct debit or monthly recurring invoice for your subscription box, please contact me here and I will arrange it for you.

Soap Duo

R 180


Every month

Two bars of soap and a surprise gift monthly

Valid until canceled

Enjoy a variety of soap bars

Huge savings

Free surprise gift in each box

Soap Trio

R 220


Every month

Three natural soaps handpicked for you

Valid until canceled

Three totally unique soaps each month

Discounted pricing on each bar

Free suprise gift with each box

Best Value

Soap Quartet

R 260


Every month

Three natural soaps and one shampoo bar.

Valid until canceled

Three body bars and a shampoo bar

Huge savings on all products!

Free surprise gift in each box

Exclusive access to 'Green Your Household' group

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