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DIY Eye Cream Recipe

Updated: May 29, 2023

A simple recipe to nourish that delicate skin around your eyes.

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How about an easy peasy Eye cream recipe to make your day?!?!

The delicate skin around the eyes is far thinner than the skin anywhere else on our face or body, with the exception of the back of the hands. The eye area is also prone to signs of aging including fine lines, “crows feet “and deep-set wrinkles as we mature. Of course those laughter lines we end up with add character and definition to our faces, but who wouldn’t want the chance to smoooooooth them out a little?

My Fave DIY Eye Cream

Eye Cream

Today I want to share a recipe for my favourite DIY eye cream with you. It is super simple and easy to make with easily obtained ingredients. It also works surprisingly well as a nourishing – and cheap! – makeup remover.

The 2 ingredients needed to make this work are coconut oil and vitamin E oil. Both of these are powerhouse ingredients that have enormous benefits for your skin. This eye cream is a fantastic natural product that is 100 % chemical, toxin and synthetic fragrance-free.

Easy Eye Cream Recipe

For those of you interested in WHY this particular blend of oils will deeply nourish that sensitive skin around your eyes, I will cover the benefits of coconut and vitamin E oil in another post. Suffice it to say that they are deeply nourishing and anti-ageing for your skin!



  1. Coconut oil

  2. Vitamin E Capsules (3 capsules or ¼ teaspoon per 14- 30 ml size container)

You will need...

  • Glass Jar, Lip Balm Tin or even recycle contact lens case and use both sides (size is up to you, small is best for eye cream products).

  • Small saucepan (for melting coconut oil) or use microwave for 3-5 seconds on low-medium setting.

  • Toothpick (wooden skewer or cocktail stick would do)

Method :

  1. Fill your container with coconut oil (this is solid at room temp so either add the coconut oil to a saucepan to melt or use the microwave)

  2. Remove from heat as it starts to melt.

  3. Pierce the vitamin E capsules and add to the coconut oil.

  4. Use the toothpick to blend the two ingredients together.

  5. Pop it in the fridge to solidify.

That is all there is to this easy eye cream!

There is no need to keep it refrigerated; the oils will not go off

Some tips and suggestions

This eye cream makes a great gift idea for anyone! Easy to make, it uses two easily accessible ingredients to make a few eye creams and save you money. I have been known to whip some up when at a loss for what to get a friend for her birthday. With some oils and a lovely personalized jar and it's a done deal!

You could customize these if you wish by adding essential oil but always check first that the essential oil is suitable. As far as essential oils go, there is one that stands out and that I would recommend above all others for the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Lavender is a perfect addition to this eye cream recipe because it’s great for all skin types and it’s anti-inflammatory properties help soothe various skin problems like acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks, scars, sunburns, dandruff, rashes and bug bites!

Other Essential oils that would be great to add would be Frankincense, which helps rejuvenate aging skin, and Geranium, which helps speed up the reproduction of skin cells.

Evening Primrose oil is another great carrier or base oil that is excellent for anti-aging products so feel free to incorporate it into this. You could fill your container with half coconut oil, half primrose oil.

So there you have it, as promised. A simple and straightforward recipe for you to whip up at home

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