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Lucky Dog is a natural dog shampoo bar to add to your home arsenal of natural products for the home. If you are already buying natural soaps, shampoos and laundry detergent, going ‘au naturel’ in the pet department makes perfect sense. After all – doesn’t your furry friend deserve to not be bombarded with chemicals as well?!


I created this natural pet shampoo bar when my own dog was struggling with flea infestation. Some research into neem oil made me realize how beneficial this would be to rub on his coat. Neem oil keeps fleas, ticks, mange mites and any other annoying biting insects away, and generally promotes a shiny coat and healthy problem-free skin. After several trials, I also added some bentonite clay for its soothing skin properties, and Lucky Dog Shampoo was born!


This shampoo bar for dogs (cats cannot handle neem oil) is made with deep cleansing and moisturizing oils like coconut, olive, and castor oil. These ensure that your best friend has his skin deeply cleaned and nourished. The soap is further enhanced with yummy butters like cocoa and shea butter which are great skin emolients. Neem oil is the amazing secret ingredient in this recipe and adds many benefits to the soap.

Lucky Dog

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